Gold Buffalos

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins

The American gold buffalo coin takes its design from the much admired Indian head nickel and received its name from the buffalo of the backside of the coin. These gold buffalo bullion coins make an excellent addition to a collection and as an investment for the future. The ms- and pf- 70-graded gold buffalo coins we carry in our store are in numismatically flawless condition and are 24-karat gold. Not only are they beautiful to the eye, but are also valuable due to the gold they are produced with.

Our gold buffalo coins come in sealed plastic slabs certified by NGC and PCGS that keeps the coins in top condition and safe from any unwanted or harmful particles. We guarantee the validity of each coin and the perfect grade each coin has received from the two foremost grading services PCGS and NGC. For any questions related to our inventory or recommended suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 212-655-9352 and we will gladly assist you in any way possible.